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The Party Scene is the debut full-length studio album by American based pop punk band All Time Low, released on July 19, 2005 via Emerald Moon Records. Only two singles were released, titled "Circles" and "The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler".

Track ListingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Prelude"   0:43
2. "The Party Scene"   2:58
3. "Lullabies"   3:58
4. "Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies"   2:53
5. "Circles"   3:20
6. "Interlude"   1:50
7. "We Say Summer"   3:06
8. "Break Out! Break Out!"   3:10
9. "Running from Lions"   3:06
10. "Noel"   4:10
11. "I Can't Do the One-Two Step"   4:02
12. "The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler"   3:59
13. "Sticks, Stones and Techno" (only listed in liner notes, not on rear insert) 2:23


  • Alex Gaskarth – vocalsguitarpianosynthsstringspercussion, effects
  • Rian Dawson – drums
  • Jack Barakat – guitar
  • Zack Merrick – bass guitar, vocals
  • Paul Leavitt - piano, synths, strings, percussion, effects
  • Matt Flyzik - vocals ("The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler")
  • Jai (of twitter) - auto-tune ("Sticks, Stones And Techno")

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